How can we help you?

Do you have a question, or a need for a service that we provide?

Outstanding results

Assisted Rehab offers the advantage of professional, comprehensive guidance from national therapy providers and personal attention you’d expect only from a local business.

How can we help you?

Do you have a question, or a need for a service that we provide?

Our commitment to personalized service is what sets us apart. Our senior leadership team works closely with each of our clients, taking the time and energy needed to ensure satisfaction for patients, families and specific facility goals. The outcome? Outstanding results.

Assisted Rehab provides the ultimate in efficiency and customer service – when it comes to addressing any requests or issues, clients deal directly with decision makers so that resolutions are achieved within a maximum of 48 hours. This fast response ensures your residents’ needs will be met expediently at all times.


Building and maintaining

We understand the importance of growing and maintaining a healthy facility census, and provide a variety of relationship strengthening activities to help optimize occupancy, referrals, and revenue.

We work with our partners to develop strategic, co-branded marketing materials that support building meaningful relationships with residents and their families. And most importantly, our therapists, and leadership, are accessible and helpful. 


Care that puts people first

Our approach is simple and successful:
We put people first, always. Professional staff. Patients. Clients.
An expert and caring staff wholly focused on restoring and improving the quality of life for all our patients — this is the essence of the Assisted Rehab mission. We provide highly skilled in-house physical, occupational, and speech therapy services for skilled nursing, assisted living, and other transitional and residential facilities.
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Over 90% staff retention

That’s a big number. Not just numerically, it’s big for your residents, and for your staff as well. Continuity in patient care leads to better outcomes and creates a happier workplace. 

7% rehospitalization

That’s not a big number, and compared the national average of 21%, it’s a great number. We evaluate each patient and determine what each need as individuals, and then provide the best care to help them lead their most healthy life. 


Our team support

We understand the importance the therapy program has in driving patient and family satisfaction, your facility’s reputation among hospitals and doctors as well as the financial impact of therapy. Your partnership with Assisted Rehab includes the following:

  • Dedicated Rehab Team Director
  • Dedicated Full Time Therapy Team
  • Alignment with your organization’s unique goals and objectives
  • Monthly site visits with President of Operations
  • Clinical and Financial outcome data
  • Direct Access to company leadership including owners
  • Support in preparing for all ADR and insurance appeals
  • Electronic documentation and reporting system (Optima Healthcare Solutions)
  • Education and Training
  • Access to important competitive data including hospital discharge patterns

It’s not just the support, Assisted Rehab provides you peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your therapy program are being thoroughly cared for.


Rehab Team Director

Our Rehab Team Directors receive extensive ongoing training and development that allows for a development plan to help them strengthen their management skills.

  • Onsite personnel assigned to support you and your team
  • Provides optimal and customized reporting designed to your needs
  • Streamlines communication to keep you and your team “in the know”
  • Engages in ongoing education and development courses to maintain the highest level of compliance
  • Provides site education and in-services, as well as being your “go-to” for system integration and interfacing

Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership team is focused on the individual needs of your facility. This individualized focus ensures that all aspects of your therapy departments receives the attention necessary to drive outstanding patient and family satisfaction while also meeting the goals. Unlike larger organizations, with layers of management and bureaucracy, Assisted Rehab’s partners deal directly with the decision makers of the company. This leads to very timely resolution of any requests or issues with most addressed within 24-48 hours. This type of responsiveness ensures that the needs of your residents and facility will be met at all times.

  • Provides ongoing education to treating therapists and directors to keep them current regarding regulatory changes on both state and federal levels
  • In-depth analysis of PDPM and clinical out comes to ensure the highest level of results and reimbursements
  • Quarterly reviews to confirm expectations are being met and you are satisfied


Change is hard. But necessary to grow.​

At Assisted Rehab, we can provide a smooth account transition while providing our enhanced quality care. Through our EZ Transition Process, we usually retain any and all staff members, as needed, in order to make the transition seamless to both the facility and its residents.

Easy and seamless.

Just see what one of our partners said about the transition:

“Rich, and his team at Assisted Rehab, made our transition go without a hitch. Through his knowledge and insight, he knew what needed to be done, what questions to ask; and in the end all the t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted. We hardly had to do a thing.”

Glen Scherer
Augsburg Lutheran Home


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