“Assisted Rehab has been an outstanding partner to Edenwald Retirement Community. Richard Rigali’s extraordinary team is focused on providing unmatched quality care and exceptional customer service. Working together has afforded us the opportunity to expand our rehab services and fulfill our residents’ needs.”

Michelle Rosenheim
formally of
Edenwald Retirement Community

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“Rich, and his team at Assisted Rehab, made our transition go without a hitch. Through his knowledge and insight, he knew what needed to be done, what questions to ask; and in the end all the t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted. We hardly had to do a thing.”

Glen Scherer
formerly of
Augsburg Lutheran Home

“Since I arrived at Edenwald three years ago I have been impressed and appreciative of your willingness to assist us in not just developing strategies and practices to increase the therapeutic services your company provides to our residents but also our effort to achieve Medicare certification. Your experience in assisting other facilities in that effort have really helped us to focus on the right things.

Because of my previous positions in the for profit sector I know the importance in today’s reimbursement world (PDPM) of being able to maximize every opportunity to improve the revenue stream from our skilled nursing section of Edenwald. Your strategies have been a huge help in increasing the initial Medicare rates of residents upon admission as well as sustain the maximum rates for a longer period of time. Your personal involvement with helping to execute our short and long term care delivery strategies was not evident in other therapy companies I have worked with in the past.”

Steven Rothwell
Vice President Health and Wellness
Edenwald Retirement Community

“I love working for Assisted Rehab because of the supportive and collaborative atmosphere with my team. We use our skills and knowledge, to work together, to effectively and creatively treat our patients so they can enjoy life to the fullest!”

Lauren Tomasic
Doctor of Physical Therapy

“Working for Assisted Rehab has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to genuinely focus on quality, patient-care as opposed to treating a high caseload with little time to connect with patients like I have in other jobs. Management truly prioritizes supporting staff to grow in their careers and that translates into better patient outcomes.”

Katie Sears Snoberger
Occupational Therapist


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