How can we help you?

Do you have a question, or a need for a service that we provide?


How can we help you?

Do you have a question, or a need for a service that we provide?

Business intelligence

We’ve integrated Real Time software into our already stellar quality care services. Our therapists produce complete documentation, precise billing, faster and more accurate reimbursement, and ensure compliance.

  • Analyze live documentation from the EHR, including 400+ key words found in nursing and progress notes
  • Identify and monitor high risk patients and reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions by 52% (avg.)
  • Strengthen partner referrals with hospitals, ACOs, and health plans to improve care coordination
  • Avoid coding oversight on PDPM Initial Assessments and capture an additional $30.65PPD (avg.)
  • Improve IPA revenues by $35.59PPD (avg.) with live IPA Alerting, including attributed $PPD rates
  • Easily identify illogical coding errors to quickly improve reimbursements
  • Identify early onsets of infections, monitor antibiotic usage, and simplify reporting – within and across all facilities
  • Automate tracking and trending insights of your Antibiotic Stewardship program to reduce antibiotic-resistance cases

Connected care

By providing actionable insights that enable early interventions, clinicians are now better equipped to treat the right patients, at the right time – with no additional work or duplicate data entry needed.

Improve clinical outcomes & quality measures

Our integrated software (RealTime) enables facilities to create customized clinical alerts and with interventional recommendations that lead to improved quality of care and reduced hospital readmissions.

Get paid for ALL the care you provide

We can accurately manage PDPM reimbursements by utilizing live data within the EHR to identify commonly missed coding opportunities during the Initial Assessment (IA), including Nursing, SLP comorbidities, NTA, and depression – capturing an additional $30.65PPD (avg.).

Improve clinical outcomes & quality measures

Using live data pulled from the EHR, Real Time’s Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship Surveillance solution automates tracking and trending insights. This allows infection preventionists to identify early onsets of infections, monitor antibiotic usage, simplify reporting, and proactively monitor for COVID-19 & Influenza within and across all facilities – with no additional work or duplicate data entry needed.

Reduce readmissions & increase referrals

Establishing a 72-hour baseline upon patient arrival, Real Time’s patent pending Readmission Risk Scoring tool, CARD, risk stratifies every patient, every minute, every day. Identifying high-risk patients, CARD detects subtle changes in condition and sends interventional alerts to care teams so they can quickly intervene in care before an adverse event occurs – reducing readmissions by 52%(avg.) and improving partner referrals.

Customizable monthly, quarterly & annual reporting

Assisted Rehab’s approach is to make appropriate care decisions and drive better outcomes. We deliver data-based clinical decision support that is clear, actionable, and rich with real-world insights.


Breaking down PDPM

PDPM redefines the relationship between payment and quality measures, realigning payment incentives and quality incentives. The implementation of PDPM makes it ever more important to show the value and cost-effectiveness of therapy services within skilled nursing facilities.

Improve patient outcomes

We utilize data-driven protocols based on the clinical evidence to suggest a care plan that takes into account the reimbursement level for each patient and the outcomes model that CMS has embedded into PDPM  with Section GG data.


Compliance ready

We believe that a commitment and focus on compliance is vital to successful growth. By integrating ethical clinical practices and proactive risk mitigation as a fundamental component of every therapy program, Assisted Rehab provides partners increased operational integrity.

We assure clinical and operational compliance and maintain regulatory and reimbursement integrity through education & training, policies, and practice management strategies. 

Policies & procedures

Our code of conduct that is communicated through our policies & procedures and distributed to our team members during the onboarding process.

Compliance leadership

Our compliance leaders understand the importance of our values, procedures and expected behavior. They are responsible to make sure our Compliance Program is implemented throughout company. 

Team integrity

Our therapists and employees join our team only after a thorough screening (criminal, credential background review,  drug test, maintain licensure, certifications as required). Once part of the team, they are expected to conduct themselves honestly, ethically, and deliver lasting value. 

Education & training

A comprehensive education & training program provides our team members with the knowledge to understand their compliance responsibilities. 

Monitoring & auditing

Our ongoing monitoring, in-depth auditing, and high level education & training ensures staff is continually supported.

Reporting & hotlines

We make available a variety of ways to confidentially report issues of concern and to get questions  answered. A policy of non-retaliation is strictly enforced and internal issues are reported to the Compliance Leadership for advice and oversight. 

Corrective Solutions

We ensure appropriate disciplinary actions are taken if team members do not meet the standards of proper clinical, ethical and legal behavior stated in our code of conduct.


When a mistake is made or a problem is discovered, our Compliance Leadership provides solutions to resolve the issue in appropriate time and manner. 


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Regulatory Rehab

Assisted Rehab brings in-depth knowledge of the governmental reimbursement process, federal and state regulatory requirements, denials and appeals management, and financial and clinical challenges. Our first-hand experience with both in-house and contract rehabilitation teams allows us the ability to audit the efficiency of your current rehab model, including:


A consistent review process of patients’ functional levels in appropriate PDPM category and address the quality of services


Audits review for clinical need, medical necessity, skilled treatment, and accurate documentation

Billing Accuracy

Internal review to ensure accuracy and prevent errors and incorrect billing


Training to maintain compliance with federal, state and local requirements


Reviewing all documentation, monitoring for any inconsistencies or errors in order to stay in compliances while meeting mid-month and month-end deadlines

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